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Pyeong Hwa Company, PHC, was founded in 1985, in Korea, based in Daegu City. Throughout its 36 years in the automotive market, it has stood out as an OEM supplier to Asian, European and American markets.
It has received accolades, such as the Korean Ministry of Knowledge and Technology's Grand Prix for Auto Parts Industry, or the 5-Star Quality Certification from Hyundai Motors.
With global distribution and a constant concern for the Latin American market, it develops components in different systems, such as tensioner bearings, glow plugs, starting motors, coils, brake discs and hydraulic pumps, among others. For this, it has its own research and development center; and manufactures its products from scratch, since it has its own foundry, in the city of Yeongcheon.
It has numerous certifications, such as ISO14001, ISO45001 and BCMS 66234.
For all reasons, to trust PHC products is to trust the best quality that the Korean market can develop.