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Chile is a constantly growing market where almost 70 car brands are marketed. In Mannheim you will find a partner who knows the market of the country, being the leader with more than 50 years of experience and coverage along Chile.
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Correas Continental Valeo Netmotors PHC Valeo
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To provide our customers the most trusted product quality, stock dependability, competitive price and professional service in Chile.
To cultivate and develop long term cooperation and business relationship with our esteemed suppliers to address and develop the growing auto & light truck parts requirements.
To honor the principles that founded our more than 50 years of history, distribution agreements with the most prestigious Tier 1 manufacturers and more than 1.400 active local customers.


Avenida Diez De Julio 380. Santiago, Chile.
Main Phone: 22 510 4000

Online Sales support
Cell phone: 9 440 70 114
Monday to Friday : 9:00 a 19:00
Distribution Center
Av. Los Valles 394.Pudahuel. Santiago, Chile.
Teléfono: 22 510 4100
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